So you want to throw a lingerie party?

 Lingerie parties have been popular for a while, and more and more girls and boys are asking themselves: how do we throw a successful lingerie party? Well, first of all, you have to decide what kind of lingerie party you want to throw. Do you say you didn’t know there were more than one species?

The first among lingerie parties is when you have girls or boys and girls who are asked to come to a lingerie-themed party. If the party is just for girls, you’ll probably have girls wearing more revealing lingerie, and more of your invited girls will probably be wearing lingerie too. So this is where the planning begins. First of all, do you want to make it compulsory to wear underwear? Will this be coed too? These decisions must be made first, as they will determine much of what is to come. All girl’s lingerie parties can be a lot of fun, a bit like spending the night when you were a kid, with girls wearing lingerie and the entertainment tame or torrid. These lingerie parties can be themed like a bachelorette party, and this can be an excuse to buy the bride lingerie and other nice gifts like gag gifts, massage products, or whatever you want. The tighter you plan the theme, the clearer the partygoers will be about what to wear, bring, and expect.

A great idea is to have a bachelorette party theme and include a lingerie party, mardi gras theme, or a costume/masquerade party within the bachelorette music theme of the party dictates what kind of decorations you should use, what food and drinks you want to serve, and what games you might want to play. Keeping the bride in mind will help you determine what gifts to buy and what games to play. And after all, a big part of the reason for the party is to make the bride the center of attention, involved or embarrassing. Keep it a surprise. The anticipation of everyone in the know will add to the excitement. Lingerie parties don’t have to be all about lingerie, but wearing lingerie can create an atmosphere of relaxation, especially if the underwear to be worn is what the participants wear every night, where comfort is paramount.

One idea for a lingerie party is to have everyone give the hostess her measurements and let the girls pick a name from a hat. The name you get is the person you are buying lingerie to wear. Depending on the theme, you may or may not want to set limits. The fun starts when each girl opens her “present” and models the outfit. This can turn into a riot of joy as only girls can make all girls feel comfortable wearing flirty or provocative lingerie. Keep in mind that this can cause some girls uncomfortable, so plan accordingly.

A variation on the girl’s sole lingerie party is to open it up to couples. Men should also wear men’s lingerie, such as boxers, women’s beaters, or pajamas. Again, girls should be informed ahead of time about these types of parties as it may or may not be best to allow men without a girlfriend or wife. I suggest couples only as this will enable girls twilit l to allow their outfits and encourage the team to wear matching outfits. Of course, it’s up to you, but the odds are intriguing.

The second type of lingerie party is about exposing your girlfriends to lingerie, and you m, ay or may not make a little bit of money. These lingerie parties are along the lines of jewelry or makeup parties and have been around for a long. Some companies specialize in these types of parties. Still, we recommend that you contact a local lingerie boutique in your community and see if they are interested in having a lingerie party. They may know models, or you may “volunteer” your friends to model the lingerie items for everyone. This area of ​​lingerie parties should include some good snacks and light refreshments. How do you make money? You can “negotiate” with the local boutique for a percentage of the sale as girls can choose to buy the lingerie for themselves or a friend. The relaxed atmosphere of the home, combined with the opportunity to ask questions and find out everything about a product and try on the items in a very intimate environment, encourages many girls to open their wallets. There are no hard and fast rules, so any variation of the two types of lingerie parties should work just fine.

How about a lingerie party in two parts. First, take the girls to a local lingerie boutique and do some window, do some window shopping, ng, if he whim strikes you. Our store becomes a riot when a group of girls or couples come in to look and maybe shop. The aim here is not to buy something per se, but to make everyone think about lingerie. If this is a prelude to a bachelorette or wedding party, it can be helpful in advance without the bride in tow. This is a great opportunity to get other girls’ opinions on what to buy and what not to and have fun in the process. The bride-to-be can then be surprised with (some of) the gifts from this lingerie excursion and the accompanying stories. This is a great way to start the party!

Remember to always have a disposable camera on hand. The best idea is to give each girl a disposable camera and ask them to take as many different pictures as possible. The hostess is responsible for receiving the photos for development and for posting them on thlikelyle Flickr. A bachelorette or wedding party is a time for the hostess to give the souvenirs, and pictures are perfect for Facebook, myspace, and personal albums. Please keep the images pg or r depending on the situation.

Finally, after all the decorations are up, the food is on display, the wine is uncorked, and the guests have arrived, sit back and have some fun!