Models you ever wanted to publish, of course, you have! Remember that no photographer can guarantee or promise that they will get you published. Now is the time to use common sense when choosing a photographer; if it’s for your first portfolio or adding images to ones you already have, you need a photographer you can trust. If a photographer promises you that they will publish you, it’s time to move on to the next one on the list.

Modeling is about passion and dedication. If you are not passionate about your modeling goals and are not committed to this ever-changing industry of beauty, glamor, and fashion, don’t waste your time, especially the photographers! However, if you feel like you have what it takes, get going and make it happen!

First off, most professional photographers won’t normally do what’s known on the web as TFP or TFCD, but if you find one that does promise you prints, or a CD, they’ll have to be edited and reproduced from your actual shot. Promising a model with a CD with all the photos taken isn’t practical in the real modeling world. It’s better to decide together which pictures you want or need. Ask yourself if any of the photographers you hope to work with are. Have they written for magazines and newspapers, given workshops, have ever been a guest speaker at events, and have work been published in the United States and internationally?

You’ll learn why most professional photographers don’t come from the TFP world, but as I said, there’s a time and place for compromise. You have to be talented, and you both have to work well together, then it’s a little easier to get your word out and publicize and in your interest. Even A-list models are never guaranteed to get published, remembering that good this comes in good time.

Do not email a professional photographer without your email address, phone number, location (city, state), ager stats (height, weight, hair color, etc.), and at least one link to an Image win the web included in your email. The more, the better. It’s all about professionalism, being on time, and being committed to what your goals are.

You’ve read this far, so that’s a good sign! Things to look out for when it comes to modeling for a photographer, let them know what kind of models you would like to do, also talk about your availability. Be specific, and don’t be afraid to contact a photographer; I’m sure there is always a fresh face. Professional models make money and go to amazing places like Los Angeles, Virgin Islands, Canada, Mexico, Spain, New York, etc.